Dust Reddening from Pan-STARRS1

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This dataset describes the dust reddening at 4.5 kpc derived from Pan-STARRS1 stellar photometry by Schlafly et al (2014). The map is based on the estimated distances and reddenings to more than 500 million stars. The map covers almost the entire sky north of declination -30 degrees at a resolution of 7 to 14 arcminutes.

Reddenings in the Pan-STARRS1 bands are transformed to E(B-V)_SFD via Schlafly & Finkbeiner (2011). The resulting map is expected to have the same overestimation of E(B-V) by 14% that the Schlegel, Finkbeiner, and Davis (1998) map has, and should be transformed for use in other bands with the same coefficients given in Schlafly & Finkbeiner (2011).



* E(B-V) at 4.5kpc PANSTARRS1_DR_1_512_EBV.fits

Ancillary Maps

In addition to the E(B-V) map, the following ancillary information is calculated by Schlafly et al (2014) and provided here in HEALPIX all-sky format.

  • STATUS – an integer indicating the status of the analysis of this pixel. Key: -999 no PanSTARRS1 data, -2 analysis failed to converge, -1 interpolated value from adjacent pixels, 1 analysis converged PANSTARRS1_DR_1_512_STATUS.fits


Original data