WISE is a 40 cm telescope aboard a satellite launched in 2009, surveying the entire sky in all four of its channels (W1–W4) during the first half of 2010. In the latter half of 2010, the reddest two channels (W3 and W4) became unusable due to cryogen depletion. Nevertheless, the WISE satellite continued surveying in W1 and W2 until early 2011 as part of the NEOWISE mission (Mainzer et al. 2011). In 2011 February, WISE was placed into hibernation for approximately 33 months, during which time it was not conducting astronomical observations. In 2013 December, WISE recommenced survey- ing in the available W1 and W2 bands, and has continued doing so ever since, thanks to the NEOWISE-R mission extension (Mainzer et al. 2014).
unWISE (UNBLURRED COADDS OF THE WISE IMAGING) data is a new set of coadds of the WISE images. These images retain the intrinsic resolution of the data and are appropriate for photometry preserving the available signal-to-noise.

CADE provides HEALPix maps of the unWISE data, smoothed to the resolution of 2' and 4', in units of MJy/sr. Original units have been converted from Vega to AB magnitudes using offsets of ∆m = 2.683, 3.319, 5.242, and 6.604 mag for WISE bands 1, 2, 3, and 4. Then, the AB magnitudes have been converted to Jy taking a flux density of 3631 Jy at an apparent AB magnitude of 0 mag and using the unWISE zero point of 22.5 mag (see Eq. 15 from Leroy et al., 2019).

Healpix maps made by D. Paradis.




3.4 microns :
- 2 arcmin: UNWISE_W1_2arcm_1_4096.fits
- 4 arcmin: UNWISE_W1_4arcm_1_2048.fits

4.6 microns :
- 2 arcmin: UNWISE_W2_2arcm_1_4096.fits
- 4 arcmin: UNWISE_W2_4arcm_1_2048.fits

12 microns :
- 2 arcmin: UNWISE_W3_2arcm_1_4096.fits
- 4 arcmin: UNWISE_W3_4arcm_1_2048.fits

22 microns :
- 2 arcmin: UNWISE_W4_2arcm_1_4096.fits
- 4 arcmin: UNWISE_W4_4arcm_1_2048.fits


Original WCS Data