DRAO 22 MHz radio continuum/ 1.4 GHz polarization

This 22 MHz radio continuum survey covers ~73% of the sky between declination -28° and +80°, derived from observations with the radiotelescope at the Dominion Radio Astrophyical Observatory (DRAO), at a resolution of 1.1°x1.7°secant(zenith angle). Units of the map are KTB.

The Q and U maps are the combination of the 26-m DRAO (Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory) and the 30-m Villa Elisa polarization survey, at 1.4 GHz (21 cm), with an angular resolution of 36'. Units of the maps are mKTB.

The Villa Elisa 30-m telescope was used to map the southern sky simultaneously in continuum and linear polarization, yielding a fully sampled map of the 21cm linearly polarized emission for declinations between -10 and -90 degrees. Data in the overlap region between -10 and -27 degrees was used to match the Villa Elisa survey's zero-level with that of the DRAO 1.4 GHz linear polarization survey.

Healpix maps made by D. Paradis

Reference for the 22 MHz survey

'The radio emission from the Galaxy at 22 MHz' by Roger, R. et al. 1999, A&AS, 137, 7 http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/1999A%26AS..137....7R

References for the 1.4 GHz polarization surveys

DRAO 22 MHz DRAO+Villa Elisa 1.4 GHz POLU DRAO+Villa Elisa 1.4 GHz POLQ


- 22 MHz : DRAO_22MHz_1_256.fits

- 1.4 GHz POLU : DRAO_VillaElisa_21cm_POLU_1_256.fits

- 1.4 GHz POLQ : DRAO_VillaElisa_21cm_POLQ_1_256.fits


DRAO HiPS are available in Aladin Collections/Image

Original WCS data