EFFELSBERG 1408/2695 MHz Radio continuum and Polarization

Radio continuum

These surveys of continuum radiation at 1408 MHz (21cm) and 2695 MHz (11cm) were made with the Effelsberg 100-m telescope, with an angular resolution of 9.4' (21cm) and 4.3' (11cm). Units of the Healpix maps are mKTB.

Both surveys cover the Galactic plane between :
- 358°<l<240° and -5°<b<+5° for the 11cm survey
- 357°<l<240° and -4°<b<+4° for the 21cm survey
In addition, the first section of the Effelsberg Medium latitude survey (EMLS) at 21cm covers four fields:
- an area of 10°x16° centered on l=50°, b=12°
- the Cygnus-X area
- the highly polarized region just above the Galactic plane between 140°<l<153°
- a field of 20°x11.2° centered on l=200°, b=9.4°

Healpix maps made by D. Paradis

References for the 11cm survey

References for the 21cm survey

Reference for the EMLS 21cm survey

Effelsberg 11cm Effelsberg 11cm (Background)
Effelsberg 21cm (GP+EMLS) Effelsberg 21cm Background (GP+EMLS)


- Galactic plane 11cm (only source component): EFFELSBERG_11cm_1_2048.fits

- Galactic plane 11cm (background component): EFFELSBERG_11cm_back_1_2048.fits

- Galactic plane 21cm (only source component): EFFELSBERG_21cm_1_1024.fits

- Galactic plane 21cm (background component): EFFELSBERG_21cm_back_1_1024.fits

- EMLS 21cm (only source component): EMLS_21cm_1_1024.fits

- EMLS 21cm (background component): EMLS_21cm_back_1_1024.fits

- Galactic plane + Medium latitude surveys 21cm (only source component): EFFELSBERG_EMLS_21cm_1_1024.fits

- Galactic plane + Medium latitude surveys 21cm (background component): EFFELSBERG_EMLS_21cm_back_1_1024.fits

Original WCS Data



References for the 11cm Stokes Q and U emission components

Reference for the 21cm Stokes Q and U emission components

Effelsberg 11cm POLU Effelsberg 11cm POLQ
Effelsberg 21cm POLU Effelsberg 21cm POLQ


- Galactic plane 11cm Stokes U: EFFELSBERG_11cm_POLU_1_2048.fits

- Galactic plane 11cm Stokes Q: EFFELSBERG_11cm_POLQ_1_2048.fits

- Medium latitude surveys 21cm Stokes U: EFFELSBERG_21cm_POLU_1_1024.fits

- Medium latitude surveys 21cm Stokes Q: EFFELSBERG_21cm_POLQ_1_1024.fits


EFFELSBERG HiPS are available in Aladin Collections/Image

Original WCS Data