The Japanese AKARI mission was launched in February 2006. The telescope mirror had a diameter of 68.5 cm and was capable of observing infrared wavelengths between 2 and 180 microns. AKARI was equipped with two science instruments: the FIS (Far-Infrared Surveyor) for far-infrared observations and the IRC (InfraRed Camera) for near and mid-infrared observations.

CADE currently only serves data from the FIS all-sky survey. The survey data spans 50-180 microns continuously with four photometric bands centered at 65 microns, 90 microns, 140 microns, and 160 microns with angular resolution ranging from 1 to 1.5 arcmin. The sky coverage is greater than 99% for each band, with 97% of the sky covered with multiple scans. Absolute flux calibration was determined by comparison with COBE/DIRBE data.

The units of the Healpix maps are MJy/sr.

Healpix maps made by D. Paradis.




65 microns :
- Original resolution: AKARI_65_1_4096.fits
- 4 arcmin: AKARI_65_4arcm_1_2048.fits
- 16.2 arcmin: AKARI_65_16p2_1_1024.fits
- 1 degree: AKARI_65_1deg_1_256.fits

90 microns :
- Original resolution: AKARI_WideS_1_4096.fits
- 4 arcmin: AKARI_WideS_4arcm_1_2048.fits
- 16.2 arcmin: AKARI_WideS_16p2_1_1024.fits
- 1 degree: AKARI_WideS_1deg_1_256.fits

140 microns :
- Original resolution: AKARI_WideL_1_4096.fits
- 4 arcmin: AKARI_WideL_4arcm_1_2048.fits
- 16.2 arcmin: AKARI_WideL_16p2_1_1024.fits
- 1 degree: AKARI_WideL_1deg_1_256.fits

160 microns :
- Original resolution : AKARI_160_1_4096.fits
- 4 arcmin: AKARI_160_4arcm_1_2048.fits
- 16.2 arcmin: AKARI_160_16p2_1_1024.fits
- 1 degree: AKARI_160_1deg_1_256.fits

Uncertainty Maps (in MJy/sr)


AKARI HiPS are available in Aladin Collections/Image

For SIGMA HiPS, enter the following URLs in Aladin (“Files” then “Use directly a URL”): http://cade.irap.omp.eu/documents/Ancillary/4Aladin/AKARI_65_SIGMA http://cade.irap.omp.eu/documents/Ancillary/4Aladin/AKARI_WideS_SIGMA http://cade.irap.omp.eu/documents/Ancillary/4Aladin/AKARI_WideL_SIGMA http://cade.irap.omp.eu/documents/Ancillary/4Aladin/AKARI_160_SIGMA


unzip the directory and put it directly in an Aladin window to display the map

Uncertainty at 65 microns : AKARI_65_SIGMA.zip

Uncertainty at 90 microns : AKARI_WideS_SIGMA.zip

Uncertainty at 140 microns : AKARI_WideL_SIGMA.zip

Uncertainty at 160 microns : AKARI_160_SIGMA.zip

Known Issues

The version 1 AKARI data release has the following known issues:

(1) Zodiacal emission. Only the smooth component of the zodiacal emission is subtracted from the image data. The dust band and the Earth-resonant dust ring components remain in the image.

(2) Moving bodies. Planets and asteroids in our solar system are not masked during the image processing. So the images near the ecliptic plane may contain the solar system objects.

(3) Earth shine. Contamination of the stray light from the Earth shine near the north ecliptic pole is conspicuous especially in the shorter wavebands (N60 and WIDE-S).

Version History

  • v1 CADE maps, April 2015

Original WCS Data

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