Three-mm Ultimate Mopra Milky Way Survey (ThrUMMS)

The Three-mm Ultimate Mopra Milky Way Survey (ThrUMMS) mapped the 12CO(1-0), 13CO(1-0), C18O(1-0), and CN(1-0) emission within the fourth Galactic quadrant using the Mopra Telescope.

ThrUMMS covers a longitude range l = (-60°,0°) and a latitude range of |b| < 1°. The angular resolution of ThrUMMS is 1 arcminute and the velocity resolution is 0.3 km/s. The typical rms sensitivity per channel of the ThrUMMS data cubes is σ(T) ~ 2K for 12CO, and ~1K for the other transitions.

CADE currently delivers 12CO(1-0) and 13CO(1-0) integrated intensity and peak brightness maps of the full ThrUMMS region using the survey's public DR4.

Healpix maps made by A. Hughes.



12CO Integrated Intensity : THRUMMS_12CO_MOM0_1_8192_partial.fits

12CO Peak Brightness : THRUMMS_12CO_TPK_1_8192_partial.fits

13CO Integrated Intensity : THRUMMS_13CO_MOM0_1_8192_partial.fits

13CO Peak Brightness : THRUMMS_13CO_TPK_1_8192_partial.fits


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  • v1 CADE maps, March 2022*/

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