12CO(3-2) High-resolution Survey of the Galactic Plane (COHRS)

The CO(3-2) High-resolution Survey of the Galactic Plane mapped the 12CO(3-2) emission in the inner Galactic plane using the HARPS instrument on the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT).

COHRS covered the longitude range l =(10°,65°) and latitude range |b| < 0.°5. The total survey area is 29 square degrees. The 13CO(3-2) and C18O(3-2) emission across a significant fraction of the COHRS area has been mapped by CHIMPS.

The original angular resolution of COHRS is 16 arcseconds and the velocity resolution is 1 km/s. The typical rms sensitivity per channel of the COHRS data cubes is σ(T) ~ 1K .

CADE currently delivers 12CO(3-2) integrated intensity using the survey's public DR1 and DR2.

The units of the Healpix maps are K.km/s.

Healpix maps made by D. Paradis.



DR2- 12CO(3-2) Integrated Intensity : COHRS_12CO_MOM0_R2_1_32768_partial.fits

DR1- 12CO(3-2) Integrated Intensity : COHRS_12CO_MOM0_R1_1_32768_partial.fits

Original WCS Data