The CO Heterodyne Inner Milky Way Plane Survey (CHIMPS) mapped the 13CO(3-2) and C18O(3-2) emission in the inner Galactic plane with the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT).

CHIMPS mapped the longitude range l = (28°,46°) and latitude range |b| ≤ 0.5°, across the radial velocity range VLSR = (-75, +150) km/s. The 12CO(3-2) emission across the same region was mapped by the COHRS survey.

The original angular resolution of CHIMPS is 15 arcseconds and the velocity resolution is 0.5 km/s. The typical rms sensitivity per channel of the CHIMPS data cubes is σ(T) ~ 0.5K .

CADE currently delivers 13CO(3-2) and C18O(3-2) integrated intensity and peak brightness maps of the full CHIMPS region using the survey's public data release.

The units of the Healpix maps are

Healpix maps made by D. Paradis.

13CO(3-2) C18O(3 -2)



13CO(3-2) Integrated Intensity: CHIMPS_13CO_MOM0_1_32768_partial.fits

C18O(3 -2) Integrated Intensity: CHIMPS_C18O_MOM0_1_32768_partial.fits


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