The BU-FCRAO Galactic Ring Survey (GRS)

The Boston University-Five College Radio Astronomy Observatory Galactic Ring Survey (GRS) was a survey of 13CO(1-0) emission in the Milky Way covering a longitude range of l = (+18°,+55.7°) and a latitude range of |b| < 1°. The total survey area is 75.4 square degrees. The angular resolution was 46 arcseconds and a velocity resolution of 0.21 km/s. The survey's velocity coverage was -5 to 135 km/s for Galactic longitudes l ≤ 40° and -5 to 85 km s-1 for Galactic longitudes l > 40°. The typical rms sensitivity per channel of the data cubes is σ(T) = 0.13 K . CADE serves a 13CO(1-0) integrated intensity and a 13CO(1-0) peak brightness map of the full GRS region.

Healpix maps made y A. Hughes.


13CO Integrated Intensity 13CO TPK


13CO Integrated Intensity : GRS_13CO_MOM0_1_16384_partial.fits

13CO Peak Brightness : GRS_13CO_TPK_1_16384_partial.fits


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