LMC Polarization

Large Magellanic Cloud’s maps of intensity and linear polarization parameters as derived in Alina et al. 2022. The maps were derived using Planck* PR3 release, at 353 GHz, nside = 1024, at the resolution of 16’ from which the foreground contribution has been subtracted using the method proposed in Alina et al. 2022.
CADE distributes foreground-subtracted Stokes I, Q, and U maps after foreground subtraction.

The units for I, Q, and U are MJy/sr.

*Planck was an ESA space telescope (2009 – 2013) that observed the cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation. The main goal of the Planck mission was to measure small deviations from isotropy with an unprecedented accuracy and level of detail in order to distinguish between competing cosmological models. Planck has released a very large number of diverse data products. For details, users are advised to consult the Planck wiki and the papers accompanying the data release.

Healpix maps made by D. Paradis.



- Intensity: LMC_850_I_1_1024_partial.fits LMC_850_I_1_1024.fits

- Stokes U: LMC_850_U_1_1024_partial.fits LMC_850_U_1_1024.fits

- Stokes Q: LMC_850_Q_1_1024_partial.fits LMC_850_Q_1_1024.fits

LMC 850mic Intensity LMC 850mic POLU LMC 850mic POLU


Original WCS Data

Intensity: Here

Stokes U: Here

Stokes Q: Here