The FOREST Unbiased Galactic plane Imaging survey with the Nobeyama 45-m telescope (FUGIN) project was one of the legacy projects utilizing the new multi-beam receiver FOREST (FOur-beam REceiver System on the 45 m Telescope).

FUGIN observed the the 12CO(1-0), 13CO(1-0) and C18O(1-0) molecular line transitions across the longitude ranges l = (+10°,+50°) and l = (+198°,+236°), within a latitude range of |b| < 1°. The total survey area is 80 square degrees for 12CO, and 76 square degrees for 13CO and C18O.

The intrinsic angular resolution of the FUGIN survey data is ~20 arcseconds, and the velocity resolution is 1.3 km/s. The typical rms sensitivity per 1.3 km/s channel of the original FUGIN data cubes is σ(T) ~0.6K for 12CO and σ(T) ~0.3K for 13CO and C18O.

CADE currently delivers 12CO(1-0), 13CO(1-0) and C18O(1-0) integrated intensity maps of the full FUGIN region using the survey's public data release.

The units of the Healpix maps are K.km/s.

Healpix maps made by D. Paradis and A. Hughes.

12CO 13CO C18O



12CO(1-0) Integrated Intensity : FUGIN_12CO_MOM0_1_32768_partial.fits

13CO(1-0) Integrated Intensity : FUGIN_13CO_MOM0_1_32768_partial.fits

C18O(1-0) Integrated Intensity : FUGIN_C18O_MOM0_1_32768_partial.fits

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