MeV Compton gamma-ray telescope (COMPTEL)

COMPTEL was the MeV Compton gamma-ray telescope on board of the NASA Compton Gamma-Ray observatory (CGRO). This was the second of NASA's Great Observatories, with 17 tons the heaviest scientific payload ever flown at the time of its launch on April 5, 1991 aboard the space shuttle Atlantis. Compton was re-entered into the Earth's atmosphere on June 4, 2000.

COMPTEL was an imaging Compton telescope that utilizes the Compton effect and two layers of gamma-ray detectors to reconstruct an image of gamma-ray sources in the energy range 0.75 to 30 MeV. It had a field of view of approximately 1 sterradian, an angular resolution of the order of 1 degree and a spectral resolution of 6-10 %.

Healpix map in units of cnts/s/cm^2/sr.

Healpix maps made by D. Paradis.


' Instrument description and performance of the Imaging Gamma-Ray Telescope COMPTEL aboard the Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory' by Schoenfelder, V. et al., 1993, ApJS, 86, 657




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