The Virginia Tech Spectral-Line Survey (VTSS)

The VTSS is a wide-field image survey of the Galaxy's warm ionized interstellar medium (a 10,000 K plasma). The survey is carried out using the Virginia Tech Spectral Line Imaging Camera (SLIC), specially designed for obtaining sensitive, arcminute-resolution, 10-degree wide images of the 6563Å H-alpha recombination line of hydrogen, and the [SII]6717,6731Å doublet emission of singly ionized sulfur. This survey will cover the northern hemisphere (declinations greater than -15 degrees).

The resolution of the map is 1.6' and units are Rayleighs (R).

The Continuum-Corrected H-alpha images are produced by a process including the alignment and subtraction of a suitably scaled version of a continuum image from the H-alpha image.

You can find more informations about the VTSS survey here.

VTSS Halpha VTSS Continuum corrected Halpha




Continuum Corrected H-alpha