Parkes 85 MHz/150 MHz/5 GHz radio continuum

The 5GHz radio continuum survey of the Galactic plane (0°<l<+40° and 190°<l<360°, -2°<b<+2°) was made with the Parkes 64-m radio telescope, with an angular resolution of 4.1'. Units of the map are mKTB.

The 85 MHz and 150 MHz surveys cover the equatorial plane (0H<RA<24h and -24°<DEC<+24°) at a resolution of 3.5° and 2.2°, respectively. Units of the maps are KTB.

Healpix maps made by D. Paradis.


Parkes 85 MHz Parkes 5 GHz


- 85 MHz: Parkes_85MHz_1_64.fits
- 150 MHz: Parkes_150MHz_1_64.fits
- 5GHz: Parkes_6cm_1_2048.fits


Parkes HiPS are available in Aladin Collections/Image

Original WCS Data