The Mopra Southern Galactic Plane CO Survey

The Mopra Southern Galactic Plane CO Survey was a survey of 12CO(1-0), 13CO(1-0), C18O(1-0) and C17O(1-0) emission in southern Galactic plane with the Mopra telescope in Australia. The survey covered a longitude range of l = (+300°,+350°) and a latitude range of |b| < 0.5°. The total survey area is 50 square degrees.

CADE serves 12CO(1-0), 13CO(1-0), C18O(1-0) and C17O(1-0) integrated intensity and peak brightness maps in partial Healpix format for the full Mopra survey region. These maps are constructed using the public DR3. The angular resolution of the CADE maps is 35''. For processing convenience, the input DR3 spectral line cubes were resampled to a velocity of 0.5 km/s prior to map construction.

Following the DR3 release, the delivered CADE maps have units of K (Ta*) and (again Ta*) for the peak brightness and integrated intensity maps respectively. To convert to main-beam brightness temperature, an extended Mopra beam efficiency factor of n=0.55 is recommended (see Braiding et al 2018).

Healpix maps made by A. Hughes.

12CO Integrated Intensity 12CO TPK 13CO Integrated Intensity



12CO Integrated Intensity : MOPRA_12CO_MOM0_1_16384_partial.fits

12CO Peak Brightness : MOPRA_12CO_TPK_1_16384_partial.fits

13CO Integrated Intensity : MOPRA_13CO_MOM0_1_16384_partial.fits

13CO Peak Brightness : MOPRA_13CO_TPK_1_16384_partial.fits

C17O Integrated Intensity : MOPRA_C17O_MOM0_1_16384_partial.fits

C17O Peak Brightness : MOPRA_C17O_TPK_1_16384_partial.fits

C18O Integrated Intensity : MOPRA_C18O_MOM0_1_16384_partial.fits

C18O Peak Brightness : MOPRA_C18O_TPK_1_16384_partial.fits


Original WCS Data

The Mopra Southern Galactic Plane CO Survey - Data Release 3 at the Harvard Dataverse

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