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Southern Galactic Plane Survey (SGPS)

The Southern Galactic Plane Survey (SGPS) provides 21-cm line emission from neutral atomic hydrogen and continuum data of the Southern Milky Way obtained with the Australia Telescope Compact Array and Parkes Radiotelescopes.

SGPS HI data cover galactic longitudes l=253 deg to l=358 deg (SGPS I) and l=5 deg to l=20 deg (SGPS II) and latitudes -1.4° < b < +1.4°. The SGPS continuum survey is available for longitudes l=253 deg to l=358 deg. The resolution of the data is 2.2' (SGPS I) and 3.3' (SGPS II). HI data are in K m/s and continuum data are in Jy/beam.

Data in the WCS format can be downloaded here:


SGPS HI (continuum subtracted) SGPS Continuum

Atomic Hydrogen (Continuum subtracted)

Map: SGPS_II_1_4096.fits

Radio Continuum

Map: SGPS_CONT_1_4096.fits