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-  * Hard energy band (0.5-2.4 keV) +  * Hard energy band (0.4-2.4 keV) 
 Map (in counts):​[[http://​cade.irap.omp.eu/​documents/​Ancillary/​RASS/​RASS_IM2_1_2048.fits|RASS_IM2_1_2048.fits]] Map (in counts):​[[http://​cade.irap.omp.eu/​documents/​Ancillary/​RASS/​RASS_IM2_1_2048.fits|RASS_IM2_1_2048.fits]]
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 <button class="​aladin-btn"​ type="​button"​ onclick="​connector.runWithConnection(rassweight)">​Aladin</​button>​ <button class="​aladin-btn"​ type="​button"​ onclick="​connector.runWithConnection(rassweight)">​Aladin</​button>​
 </​html>​ </​html>​
 +=== HiPS=== ​
 +ROSAT HiPS are available in Aladin Collections/​Image
 ===Original WCS Data=== ===Original WCS Data===