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 === HiPS=== ​ === HiPS=== ​
-Enter the following URLs in Aladin ​("​Files"​ then "Use directly a URL"​):​ +IRTS HiPS are available ​in Aladin ​Collections/Image
-http://​cade.irap.omp.eu/​documents/​Ancillary/​4Aladin/​IRTS_250 \\ +
-http://​cade.irap.omp.eu/​documents/​Ancillary/​4Aladin/​IRTS_400 \\ +
-http://​cade.irap.omp.eu/​documents/​Ancillary/​4Aladin/​IRTS_700 \\+
 ===Original WCS Data=== ===Original WCS Data===