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Radio Recombination Line (RRL) survey from the HI Parkes All-sky Survey (HIPASS)

This 1.4 GHz Radio Recombination Line survey (H168α, H167α and H166α) of the Galactic Plane covering the region l=196°-0°-52° and |b|<5° has been obtained with the HI-Parkes All-sky survey (HIPASS) and associated Zone of Avoidance survey. This free-free emission map has been derived from the line-integrated RRL emission, assuming an electron temperature gradient with Galactocentric radius of 496 K/kpc. The angular resolution of the maps are 14.4'. Units of the RRL integrated and free-free emission maps are Kelvin (brightness temperature) and K km/s.



- Free-Free: HIPASS_ZOA_FF_1_1024.fits

- RRL integrated map: HIPASS_ZOA_TLdv_1_1024.fits

^__**Free-Free**__ ^ |