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The European Space Agency's Herschel Space Observatory flew the largest single mirror (3.5-m in diameter) ever built for a space telescope. Herschel covered the spectral range from the far-infrared to submillimeter. This Space Observatory comprised three instruments :
- The Photodetector Array Camera and Spectrometer (PACS) instrument
- The Spectral and Photometric Imaging REceiver (SPIRE) instrument
- The Heterodyne Instrument for the Far Infrared (HIFI) instrument
The photometric bands are centered at 70, 100 and 160 microns for PACS, and at 250, 350 and 500 microns for SPIRE, with an angular resolution going from 5 arcsec to 37 arcsec.

CADE currently only serves SPIRE photometric data for each Key-Programs. Healpix maps at 250 microns and 350 microns have been smoothed to 37 arcsec. The units of the Healpix maps are MJy/sr.


Following are the Herschel Key Programs with SPIRE photometric observations. Healpix and HiPS maps can be downloaded on each page:

Key Programs Maps
Galactic Cold Cores (PI: M. Juvela & I. Ristorcelli)Galactic Cold Cores //(PI: M. Juvela & I. Ristorcelli)
DEBRIS- Disc Emission via a Bias-free Reconnaissance in the Infrared/Sub-millimetre (PI : B. Matthews)Here
DUNES- Cold Disks around Nearby Stars. A search for Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt analogues (PI: C. Eiroa) Here
EPoS- The earliest phases of star formation: From low- to high-mass objects (PI: O. Krause) Here
GOODS- The Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey: far-infrared imaging with Herschel (PI: D. Elbaz)Here
H-ATLAS- The Herschel Thousand Degree Survey (PI: S. Eales)Here
Herschel Lensing Survey (PI: E. Egami)Here
HELGA- The Herschel Exploitation of the Local Galaxy Andromeda (PI: J. Fritz)Here
Heritage- HERschel Inventory of the Agents of Galaxy Evolution in the Magellanic Clouds (PI: M. Meixner)Here
HerMES- The Herschel Multi-tiered Extragalactic Survey: Measuring the Infrared Galaxy Formation History of the universe (PI: S. Oliver)Here
HerM33es- Herschel M33 Extended Survey (PI: C. Kramer)Here
HeViCS- Herschel Virgo Cluster Survey (PI: J. Davies)Here
Hi-GAL- The Herschel infrared Galactic Plane Survey (S. Molinari)Here
Hobys- The Herschel imaging survey of OB Young Stellar objects (PI: F. Motte)Here
Kingfish- Key Insights on Nearby Galaxies: A Far-Infrared Survey with Herschel (R. Kennicutt) Here
The ISM in Low Metallicity Environments: Bridging the Gap Between Local Universe and Primordial Galaxies (PI: S. Madden)Here
The Dusty Young Universe: Photometry and Spectroscopy of Quasars at z>2 (PI: K. Meisenheimer)Here
SAG-4- Evolution of interstellar dust (PI: A. Abergel)Here
VNGS- Physical Processes in the Interstellar Medium of Very Nearby Galaxies (PI: C. Wlison) Here

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