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 ====== Gauribidanur 34.5 MHz radio continuum ====== ====== Gauribidanur 34.5 MHz radio continuum ======
-Data in the WCS format can be downloaded here:  +This 34.5 MHz radio continuum survey has been done using GEETEE, ​the low-frequency telescope at Guribidanur and covers the declination range of -50° to +70° and the complete 24 hours of ascension. The synthesized beam has a resolution of 26'​x42'​sec(delta-14.1°). Units of the map are ''​KTB''​. 
 +'A synthesis map of the sky at 34.5 MHz' by Dwarakanath and Udaya Shankar, 1990, JApA, 11, 323 http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/​1990JApA...11..323D \\
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 </​html>​ </​html>​
 +=== HiPS=== ​
 +Enter the following URL in Aladin ("​Files"​ then "Use directly a URL"):
 +http://​cade.irap.omp.eu/​documents/​Ancillary/​4Aladin/​GAURIBIDANUR \\
 +===Original WCS Data===  ​